King James’ 2 : Pop will /it/ /it/self

«[…] the logical necessity of which (message) can never be understood by us even though, as Kierkegaard remarks half ironically (Postscript, p.190 [7, 198]), it may be understood by God himself»   («Kierkegaard ‘s doctrine of the paradox», N. H. Soe)

God knows when He speaks ironically, the man is condemned not to be certain.

When you speak literally you often speak ironically or the other way round – and when you remark something half ironically the other half is plain literal meaning.

Could the prophecy be the intersection of the timeless with the temporal?

The prophet stands for what then?

And sometimes in the world as is / you ve got to shake the hand that feeds you / it s just like Adam says / It s not so hard to understand

It s just like always coming down on / just like Jesus never came and / what did you expect to find / it s just like always here again

( but Jesus is in the lyrics the kierkegaardian «Crucifixion of the Understanding )

Pop will /it/ /it/self



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